Easy summer glam and high style is the name of the game for weddings in 2013.
Whether the intended look is minimalist or daring, today’s wedding trends offer something for every bride — of every age. Unique touches such as crystal encrusted barrettes and head bands leave a bride feeling beautiful with minimal fuss and maintenance, and a sweeping updo can accentuate a slender neck and delicate cheekbones. In addition, hair styles that gently frame the face have been trending of late. Try a fishtail braid or pull the hair back and secure with an antique or vintage hair clip for a smart, sophisticated look that’s always flattering. 
For the fair-skinned bride, subtle bronzing contoured on the cheeks, and a pale, nearly nude lip color can set off a dramatic eye-shadow blended evenly across the lower lid in smoky and vibrant hues. 
For the African-American bride, bold, eye-catching colors on the eyes and lips such as a metallic gold or bronze create an exotic and alluring palette. 
According to many experts specializing in hair and makeup for weddings, accessories can be almost as important as that perfect bridal gown. Bringing synergy to the delicate balance between glamour and simplicity, a well-placed bejeweled or antique headband or barrette is a must-have for showing off a sleek wedding ‘do. 
But don’t be afraid to stay true to your own sense of style, take risks or embrace simplicity and the natural look. According to Francine Cohen, owner of Frantastics and a beauty salon and makeup artist for more than 20 years, “Old Hollywood glamour is making a comeback for 2013 weddings too, with beaded barrettes and headbands — and even feathered and lace hair accessories adding an ultra-feminine touch without appearing fussy or old-fashioned.” Brides are also enjoying new twists on classic updo’s. 
No longer relegated to the still-classic French knot, updo’s can now be modernized with soft, cascading, romantic waves in the front, jeweled pins, or even a braid across the crown, according to weddinglook.net. A twisty, side-swept or curly updo offers a creative alternative to the vintage updo, and fishtail braids and pin curls are also a popular choice for a more romantic, fresh look. Pile hair high on the head for a dramatic top knot and pair with vivid colors on the eyes and lips. A casually swept-back chignon makes a chic and polished statement. But remember to make the eyes and lips “pop” audaciously to complete the look. 
“The hair is the starting points,” said professional hairstylist Don Nelson. “Once you know how you are doing your hair then move on to the makeup.”
For the creative bride, consider running a strand of pearls around and thru a bun or knot for a bit of old — and new — flair. Colored hair extensions and two-toned streaks throughout the hair have become an attractive choice for the bride who wants an edgier look and an asymmetrical bob gives the modern bride a sophisticated, couture appearance. 
But wedding glamour and style isn’t all about makeup and hair. Head coverings have also evolved to include new, hipper versions of classic styles. Elaborate headpieces are a stylish option, including tulle, floral and bow headpieces. Anglophiles and royal watchers have fallen in love with the Fascinator — a trendy alternative to the traditional veil, but don’t forget the tried-and-true, such as the traditional Birdcage veil, the Cathedral, Blusher, Fingertip and Communion veils. Additionally, the bouffant and waltz veil are still in popular use and add flair and drama to contemporary weddings.
Preparation and financial planning are critical to a successful wedding. Once you’ve made up your budget, stick to it. There are plenty of ways to avoid paying exorbitant prices for items you’ll only wear on your special day, so do your research in advance to avoid being tempted to pay full price for accessories at bridal stores that can be found for a fraction of the cost through other channels. Vintage clothing stores or costume shops are an exciting alternative to costly bridal shops. Be sure to enlist the aid of the staff for what you’re looking for. A friendly shop girl will often keep an eye out on your behalf for a coveted item, so ingratiate yourself with the salespeople and be appreciative — regardless of how harried and frustrated you feel. Try back often if at first you don’t see what you want. Many vintage clothing and accessory stores get multiple deliveries per week, so don’t miss out because you’ve assumed that they’ll never have that hard-to-find antique hair-pin, headband or barrette. 
You may want to also consider surfing the Internet, including visiting sites such as Craigslist or eBay for amazing deals on previously worn bridal fare and accessories. Most brides only wear them once and are happy to have you repurpose them in exchange for a much lower price than you’ll find at high-end bridal shops. 
After your wedding, you can recoup some of your financial losses by responding in kind with your own gently used items. Plus, it can be exciting to imagine the story behind the item and the occasion when buying previously used accessories.
Regardless of which type of wedding you prefer, take advantage of the myriad of options available for today’s bride. Not only can you have your (wedding) cake and eat it too, but you’ll still be camera-ready and well-coiffed for the pictures that commemorate that special day!