CHILDISH GAMBINO, 3.15.20 (mcDJ/RCA): ***½

Actor/musician/writer Donald Glover’s latest album as his chameleonic alter ego may not be as zeitgeist-electrifying as his 2018 single “This is America,” but it’s also of its moment, arriving like a quarantine hallucination with provocative lyrical fragments and computerized sounds approximating their own form of social distancing. Crafted with longtime collaborator Ludwig Goransson and Inglewood DJ Dahi, tracks like “Time,” featuring Ariana Grande, and previously released single “Feels Like Summer” (here titled “42:26”) deliver bursts of anxiety-defying hope, while the magnetic chill of “Algorhythm” and Prince-like “19:10” (“To be happy really means that someone else ain’t/ And balance ain’t a one-food plate/ Everything is give and take”) serve as looking-glasses into Glover’s funky, conscientious wonderland.

JESSI ALEXANDER, Decatur County Red (Lost Creek): ***

The Nashville tunesmith, who’s made bank composing hits for Lee Brice (“I Drive Your Truck”) and Miley Cyrus (“The Climb”), among others, wraps her husky alto around eight insightfully detailed songs evoking the comforts and challenges of home. The barroom-rocking “Mama Drank” (co-written with hubby Jon Randall) and the Merle Haggard-namechecking “Country Music Made Me Do It” (featuring Randy Houser) kick up the pace, but the handsome production and Alexander’s sultry delivery cast even the poverty-recalling title track and rueful “I Should Probably Go Now” in nostalgic warmth.

MARGARET GLASPY, Devotion (ATO): ***½

Fans of Glaspy’s glistening harmonies with the Fundies or Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project may find this melodic, intelligently written set easier to love than the confrontational rock of 2016’s “Emotions and Math.” Structured around piano and synths (save for the voice-and-guitar hush of “You Amaze Me”), it nods to current events with the climate-minded “Killing What Keeps Us Alive” and rumbling “What’s the Point” but mostly ponders relationship mysteries. Highlights: the jazzy “Heartbreak,” title track (“More and more I wonder what I’m trying for/ When you find my heart hard to believe”).

SWAMP DOGG, Sorry You Couldn’t Make It (Joyful Noise): ***

Jerry “Swamp Dogg” Williams’ voice cracks and organs and horns sigh throughout this country-soul ear-pleaser, which balances heartfelt plaints (“Sleeping Without You is a Dragg,” a slow soul sway through the Johnny Paycheck hit “Don’t Take Her She’s All I Got,” cemetery-set tearjerker “Billy”) with acknowledgements of mortality (“Please Let Me Go Round Again,” one of two good-natured duets with John Prine). “Communication, that’s all it is,” he offers during “A Good Song.” “It can bring people together that’s been apart for years.” After 2018’s experimental “Love, Loss and Auto-Tune,” this feels like a satisfied return home.