By Ellen Snortland

The 2020 presidential campaigns have now boiled down to watching Pence’s fly. No, not that fly. I’m talking about the Pence Pest, the fly that dominated the VP debate. Considering Pence’s evangelical faith, flies in Christian Scripture are horrible! I am not one to bandy about Bible verses, so either trust me or Google “flies in the Bible.” They are considered more than mere insects: They are harbingers of other plagues. How very appropriate.

There’s so much on social media already about “the” fly, but come on! That fly dominated the debate for over 2 minutes and was far more interesting than VP Pence, a sneaky white wolf dressed in white sheep’s clothing. It’s interesting to note that flies like sheep, and I have a tip about wolves later in this column.

Speaking of sheep, the shepherd Pence follows is not Jesus but rather Drumpf. (Regular readers know I will not use the “T” word and instead refer to the Cheeto in Chief by his actual name.) Which brings to mind the Ten Commandments. In that context, the hypocrisy of what No. 45 says and does should be making Pence’s head explode; most of us already have that reaction. The fact that it all seems fine with Pence speaks volumes about his hypocrisy.

Using the simplified version of the Ten Commandments and with a nod to Seth Meyers, let’s take a closer look:

1. You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me—Drumpf worships power above all.

2. You Shall Not Worship False Gods—Have you seen Drumpf’s buildings with their hideous all-gold interiors? It’s obvious that he worships money as well … and that he has no taste.

3. You Shall Not Take the Lord’s Name in Vain—I’m not sure what Drumpf says (although insider accounts say he swears a lot), but both his and Pence’s actions cause me to violate this on an almost daily basis.

4. You Shall Keep the Sabbath Day Holy—for Drumpf, does golf count?

5. Honor Your Mother and Father—Doesn’t Drumpf’s screwing family members out of their inheritance strike you as dishonoring his parents?

6. You Shall Not Murder—Considering those who have perished in ICE detention camps, along with the over 200,000 Americans who have died of COVID-19 as the White House dragged its feet, both Drumpf and Pence are murderers. The shame of it.

7. You Shall Not Commit Adultery—The Adulterer in Chief. Ugh. Pence, probably not. He reminds me of limp pasta, just sayin’. And calling his wife “Mother”? Ewwww.

8. You Shall Not Steal—The Orange Menace and his White Shadow are in cahoots about promising relief to those in need during these pandemic times while lining their own pockets along with their corporate friends. Thieves both.

9. You Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Your Neighbor—When it comes to this administration, it’s nothing but lies 24/7 … lies that hurt all of us. And in the campaigns, they lie (and coerce other governments to lie) to hurt Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Even Hillary got thrown under their false witness bus in the last election.

10. You Shall Not Covet—These goons covet the love so many of us had (and still have) for the Obamas and what they accomplished. You can even see the green pallor of envy on the orange face of Drumpf and the white blankness of Pence’s face.

There is a deeper and more unsettling aspect to Pence being a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” revealed in “The Family,” a must-watch documentary miniseries on Netflix. The show shines a light on a secretive, decades-old Christian cabal that has its fangs and claws sunk deep into the inner workings of our government, as well as other governments. The group extolls the virtues of the killer instincts of “wolves” for Jesus, and has no use for “sheep.”

And this is why Pence always looks the other way. He and his kind see Drumpf as the lynchpin in finally turning America into a Christian theocracy—and they will stop at nothing to get it.

Finally, Drumpf used a COVID-19 “cure,” a drug cocktail of Regeneron and Remdesivir, manufactured from fetal stem cells. The administration banned use of fetal cells in 2019, but the new medicines are using cells derived from aborted fetus tissue from the 1980s. Nice hack, anti-choice folks.

We must not only pray that these thugs get kicked out of office but also that their sub-thug minions get swatted like flies. God help us.

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