If Amy Coney Barrett means what she said, she should resign from the Supreme Court. Justice Barrett said justices should be “hyper-vigilant to make sure they’re not letting personal biases creep into their decisions.”

The Supreme Court’s five Republican justices, in the dark of night, decided to uphold a flagrantly unconstitutional assault on women’s rights. All five justices were appointed by Republicans who wanted to eliminate Roe vs. Wade. If Justice Barrett is truly afraid of bipartisan hacks taking over the U.S. Supreme Court, then she should take the first step in rectifying the problem and resign.

President Biden exclaimed that Texas’ new law that outlaws most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy “blatantly violates” the constitutional right established by the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision on Roe v. Wade. The Supreme Court’s five Republican justices were required by law to enforce our Constitution.

Americans have clearly perceived that the court is not representing the vast majority of Americans. The court should not have allowed this tyrannical bill to pass. As a result, you have allowed American citizens to spy upon each other as “bounty hunters.”

Self-government cannot exist if we have rule by judge.

Dr. Richard A. French