A man accused of murdering a popular Pasadena teenager was a regular visitor at Rose City High School, where troubled youths are sent for their educations and 16-year-old Frank Mitchell attended classes, a school official said.

Last week, the Weekly reported that James Floyd Wilson, 31, and Rodney Davon Fletcher, 24, had been charged in connection with Mitchell’s July 26 killing.

In July, when the boy told his mother and stepfather that Wilson had molested him numerous times, Wilson ordered Fletcher to kill Mitchell’s mom, authorities allege.

When that did not occur, the two men conspired to kill Mitchell, which they did, according to court documents released Friday, at Wilson’s home in Ontario.

According to the documents, Mitchell drove Wilson’s Oldsmobile Cutlass to Ontario, where the teen was strangled. The two men later washed down the dead youth’s body, stuffed it in the trunk, drove to Pasadena, dumped Mitchell’s partially clothed body in a little-used alley in Northwest Pasadena and later drove the car to an apartment on the other side of town, where they set the vehicle ablaze.

"He [Wilson] was found on campus several times without authorization," said Pasadena Unified School District Spokesperson Janet Pope Givens.

At the time, Wilson was on parole after spending time in prison for assault with a deadly weapon. He occasionally served as a motivational speaker at Rose City and was supposedly dedicated to helping kids stay out of trouble.

"But administrators immediately had him removed" when it was learned that he was on campus, Givens said.

Along with Mitchell, Wilson is also accused of sexually assaulting two other males, identified in court records as John Doe 1 and John Doe 2. Authorities believe Wilson may have sexually molested other area males who have not come forward.

In the cases of Does 1 and 2, Wilson is accused of sexual penetration with a foreign object, forcible oral copulation and sodomy by use of force.

The documents state that on April 22 Wilson committed "the act of sexual penetration against the will of John Doe 1 by means of force, violence, duress, menace and fear of immediate and unlawful bodily injury and another person."

The documents also say that on the same day John Doe 1 was allegedly forced to orally copulate Wilson while being restrained by an accomplice and was forced to masturbate.

On June 21 John Doe 2 was allegedly forced to orally copulate Wilson and was also sodomized by force.

According to California law, suspects charged with these types of crimes face a mandatory pre-conviction HIV/AIDS test if just cause is shown following a court hearing. Disclosure of the results of those tests would be revealed to the victims and the Chief Medical Officer of the jail or prison facility.

The court documents do not indicate that Fletcher or any of the other suspects sexually assaulted John Doe 1, John Doe 2 or Mitchell.

Police say Wilson targeted Mitchell for death after learning the boy had confessed to his parents that he had been molested "numerous times" by Wilson, according to the court documents.

Some time between July 12 and July 26 Mitchell’s parents confronted Wilson with allegations of sexually assaulting their son, the court papers state.

Soon after that, "James Wilson solicited and directed defendant Rodney Fletcher to murder Frank Mitchell in order to silence him as a witness," the document states.

When Mitchell could not be found, Wilson ordered Fletcher to kill Mitchell’s mother, Wilma Mitchell-Millen, which Fletcher tried but failed to do.

Wilson is charged with 12 counts of forced sex crimes, one count of murder with special circumstances, three counts of conspiracy to commit murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and or firearm, one count of carjacking and one count of conspiracy to commit arson.

Fletcher is charged with one count of murder with special circumstances, two counts of con-spiracy to commit murder, one count of carjacking, one count of assault with a firearm and one count of conspiracy to commit arson.

If they are convicted, both men could be eligible for the death penalty.

Also charged in connection with Mitchell’s murder are: Damon Barnes, 39, of San Gabriel; 33-year-old Kristen Joyner of Lancaster; and Muriel Clark, 47, of Ontario.

All three people, who pleaded innocent at their arraignments Friday, are charged with being accessories to murder and conspiring to commit arson.

Barnes is the brother of Wilson. Clark is Wilson’s aunt. Barnes, Joyner, a friend of Barnes and Clark, and Clark are all being held on $1 million bail, said Pasadena Police Lt. Detective Lisa Perrine.

Wilson and Fletcher are expected to be arraigned next week.

A search of the Megan’s Law database returned no information on Wilson or Fletcher. With no reason to suspect he posed a threat to the community, Wilson was allowed to speak to students at Rose City High School about the down sides of gang violence at the request of the county Probation Department. It was not clear if the school was where Wilson first met Mitchell.

According to Pope, Wilson was only invited on campus once and was not a PUSD employee or volunteer. It was not known exactly how he acquired access to the campus the other times or why he was there.

A satellite office of the county Probation Department, where Wilson periodically checked in with authorities, is located on the Rose City campus, on Oak Knoll Avenue, near Pasadena Unified School District headquarters.