When he’s not focused on promoting NASA missions to Mars and solar-powered  “nanosatellites” Planetary Society head Bill Nye can apparently be be hipper than anyone might have ever imagined.

Nye, the “Science Guy,” of television fame, was recently spotted in New York attending a fundraiser during New York Fashion Week, according to a report last weekend by CNN.

Citing a video posted on the app TikTok, CNN reported that Nye was in the Big Apple supporting the Blue Jacket Fashion Show, which aims to bring more awareness to men’s health and prostate cancer treatment.

Reportedly appearing in a floral blue blazer as part of show held on Wednesday, Feb. 5, Nye, who was actually participating in the event, started dancing as he made his way along the catwalk when Lizzo’s “Juice” started to play. At first, he started shuffling, then actually started dancing to the hit song.

The latest project for the Planetary Society and Nye has been the LightSail2 solar sail. Taking over as head of the Pasadena space exploration nonprofit founded by Carl Sagan, Louis Friedman iand Bruce C. Murray in 2010, Nye tirelessly promoted the LightSail2 project which, like its predecessor LightSail1,  citizen-funded and aims to test the idea of harnessing the sun’s photons in order to mobilize a spacecraft.

One can only wonder, if Lizzo makes Nye, who became Planetary Society CEO in 2010, dance, the success of LightSail2 must have put him into orbit, figuratively speaking, of course.