By Tyler Wegleitner

Pasadena Weekly Staff Writer

The Pasadena Police Department recently released its May community brief, highlighting statistics and information about its calls.

According to the brief, Pasadena Police responded to 9,662 calls in May. They have responded to more than 46,000 calls since the beginning of the year.

In total, the department received 19,997 calls in May and 5,195 of them were for 911.

Pasadena Police used de-escalation techniques more than 250 times last month and seized 24 firearms. So far this year, 155 firearms have been collected. The community brief outlined key incidents where Pasadena Police responded.

On May 2, police responded to a call of gunfire and a woman screaming at a restaurant parking lot, where they found evidence of a shooting. Police located a vehicle matching a witness description. The vehicle’s driver denied involvement in the shooting but was brought into custody for possession of a concealed and stolen firearm.

Pasadena Police also arrested a man in connection with vandalism at a local medical facility on May 7. According to the brief, the man involved had vandalized the same facility before. Officers did find a firearm and several BB guns inside his car. 

Several days later, on the morning of May 9, police received a report of a man “who had thrown scalding water onto a victim.” Police said the incident appeared unprovoked and that the man hurled racial slurs. The man was later arrested, and the victim did not require immediate medical attention.

On the evening of May 14, Pasadena Police received a call about a family who had been sitting in a parked car when an unknown person approached and pointed a firearm. The perpetrator later fled the scene and was not found.

Pasadena Police arrested someone on May 15 for assault with a deadly weapon following a call about a family dispute. The brief said two people argued and it led to choking and an attempted stabbing. The victim was left with minor injuries. 

On May 19, officers responded to a call about a woman who verbally and physically assaulted another female. The brief said the woman “told officers she assaulted the victim because of her race.” She was later taken into custody and the other woman was left with minor injuries. 

A single-vehicle crash near Del Mar Boulevard and Fair Oaks Avenue on May 19 involved a driver who appeared to be under the influence. He admitted to taking prescription medication before the crash. Officers later found that the driver had a high amount of narcotics and cash, along with a gun magazine and loaded firearm.

One week later, on May 26, police received a call about an armed robbery of a business. The brief said three people entered the business, stole bottles of prescription medication and that one had a handgun. No injuries were reported from the robbery, but all three people had fled before officers arrived and were not immediately arrested.