By Matthew Rodriguez

Affordable housing

The Pasadena City Council passed a budget amendment allowing the city to purchase more affordable housing options. Without discussion, the city decided to appropriate $607,500 to purchase two units from Heritage Housing Partners. One unit is a three-bedroom unit deed-restricted at the moderate-income level off East Orange Grove Boulevard. The other is a one-bedroom deed-restricted at the low-income level off North Fair Oaks Avenue.

Council approves federal and state legislative platforms

Every year, the city manager’s office coordinates with the city’s state and federal lobbyists to advocate for laws that may impact the city the following year. The city works with several different organizations to advocate for laws on the federal and state level and to alert the city of new laws in both federal and state legislatures. Some of the items the city hopes to tackle housing with its platform and COVID-19 relief legislation. In the past, Pasadena did not qualify for direct local aid as it fell under the population threshold needed. The city’s platform hopes to advocate for direct assistance to all cities regardless of population size.