The ‘Brain Train’ will take you there
By Dr. Edward C. Ortell
Citrus College Governing Board Member, PCC Professor Emeritus

Where are you headed? What opportunities are on your horizon?

After months of dealing with a pandemic from which few of us have escaped untouched, an optimistic visualization of the future may be difficult to grasp and hold onto.

But hold on—the future will happen.

Recently, the Gold Line Construction Authority has been working on a series of preliminary projects to complete Phase 2 of the Foothill Extension of the Metro Gold Line from Azusa to Pomona. With many institutions of higher education already in close proximity to a Gold Line station, such as Citrus College and PCC, and many more that will be accessible in the future, such as the Claremont Colleges, the light rail’s moniker as the “Brain Train” is well deserved.

But you don’t have to wait for years to get started on your educational goals. Colleges and universities close to existing Gold Line stations are currently serving students online. Once they reopen, students will find them easily accessible.

The future will be here before we know it, and that future of freedom, travel and good times would seem much brighter with a diploma or certificate in hand.

Check out the possibilities. Where are you headed?