A longtime Old Pasadena merchant was called into work early Tuesday morning after receiving a call at home from his alarm company, informing him that his business had been burglarized.

Peter Gallego, owner of 3rd Generation, a vintage jewelry and timepiece shop at 56 S. DeLacey Ave., one door south of the Pasadena Weekly offices, downplayed the crime as “not a big deal” as he swept up shattered glass from the front of the store shortly after 7 a.m.

As Gallego described it, a person smashed the front door glass, which covered a metal frame shaped into rectangles. The burglar managed to squeeze through the bottom hole, get inside, and steal an unknown number of items from behind the shop’s counter. The thief then squeezed back through the steel lattice and escaped.

“It was a three-minute smash and grab. They didn’t even turn the lights on. They were amateurs,” said Gallego as he cleaned up.

He said police arrived at the scene around the same time that he got there shortly after 5. The item used to smash the window was not recovered, he said. It was also unknown how much merchandise was stolen.

While someone once threw a bottle through the window of a second shop that he owned on Marengo Avenue, near Colorado Boulevard, and someone tried to pry off the door to his current location, “I’ve been here 14 years and this has never happened,” Gallego said.

What the crook probably did not know was “I have video cameras on the inside and out. The one outside has night vision, so we’ll see,” Gallego said.

The good thing is “nobody got hurt and I’m still in business,” he said.