Students from the Sequoyah School who are calling for action on climate change will take part in a “climate strike” and a “die-in” beginning at 11 a.m. Friday, Sept. 20, in front of Pasadena City Hall, 100 N. Garfield Ave.

As part of the event students will simulate being killed as a result of global warming as they protest alongside activists calling for more effective environmental legislation.

“Climate change is the biggest threat we will likely face during our lives, and with only a few years [or even months] to act, we must treat it as an emergency and combat it in every way we can,” Ozzy Simpson, co-president of Sequoyah’s Student Council and one of the students leading the Pasadena Climate Strike, said in a prepared statement. “With more disastrous weather events, rising sea levels and changing landscapes, we need to make significant changes to save this planet, and quickly.”

The event will take place three days before the UN Climate Summit in New York. The climate strike is part of a growing movement of youth and adults, institutional and grassroots organizations, and climate-focused and social justice groups that are coming together to demand change needed to protect the future of the planet.

Thousands are expected to attend a similar protest at noon in Pershing Square in downtown Los Angeles.

The students will start at Sequoyah’s high school with workshops and discussions led by high school students and faculty. Discussions will focus on the causes of climate change, why people deny it is happening and how to combat global warming, among other topics.

After the workshops, students will march from the school’s campus on North Orange Grove Boulevard to City Hall.

“Climate change is a frightening, imminent reality which we are all facing, and as students, even global citizens, it is imperative that we stand together and fight for the future we want to see,”  Julian Suh-Toma, who serves with Simpson as co-president of Sequoyah’s student council, said in a statement issued last week.

  Remali De Silva