Lovers of Tejano music can party to the sounds of Little Joe y La Familia at The Rose Sunday night.

Little Joe Hernandez has been a fixture on the Tex-Mex music scene for some 50 years now. Born and raised in Temple, Texas, he soaked up the sounds around him, and started playing at an early age. By the time he was in his early teens, Hernandez was playing guitar and singing in his cousin’s band, David Coronado and the Latinaires. After Coronado left the band, Hernandez  became the leader and renamed it Little Joe and the Latinaires. After that band recorded on various Tejano labels in the 1960s, Hernandez eventually renamed it Little Joe y La Familia in 1970.

Along the way, the band incorporated elements of rock, country, blues and norteño music, and they received several Grammy nominations, winning five in all.