A violent, armed mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol building incited by an unhinged, unmoored mentally ill man. The astonishing turn of events came when President Trump exhorted his followers, white supremacists, QAnon supporters, the Proud Boys and others to protest the congressional certification at the Capitol.

These unpatriotic misfits must be held accountable. They should be sanctioned, jailed, fired or disbarred and that includes our mentally ill president and his cult who continues to “abuse our laws.” They should have their names emblazoned in marble to be remembered for the seditious, unpatriotic fools who put their ambition before their country.

     Senate Republicans who objected to Biden’s certification Sen. Cruz, Sen. Johnson, Sen. Lankford, Sen. Daines, Sen. Kennedy, Sen. Blackburn, Sen. Braun, Sen. Hawley and 149 House Republicans including Kevin McCarthy, even though not one single case of fraud by our courts has been proven.   

Republicans following Trump’s anti-democratic leadership have put themselves on trial, and they have failed our country.

Dr. Richard A. French