I thought I would never write about Donald Trump anymore. But here I go again.

Increasingly it appears that Trump considers the United States presidency as just a subsidiary of the Trump Empire, on a par with his hotels, golf courses and God knows what all. 

He is showing no real effort to put his financial holdings into a blind trust where he will be totally free of them as long as he is in the White House. To say that he will turn his financial affairs over to members of his family and never the twain shall meet is ridiculous. The United States presidency is now being snugly wedged in along with the other holdings of the empire.      

So a typical day at the White House might go like this. The Secretary of Defense calls President Trump about an urgent crisis in the Middle East, and the President tells him to wait until tomorrow. Today he is tied up with a labor dispute in one of his hotels.

The Secretary of Labor is then called and Trump says, “I would like some help from you in a hotel labor strike.”

He then calls Vladimir Putin, and says, “Putin, old pal, you helped me win the election. Now I need help in opening a new oil field over on the east side of Russia. Perhaps it could be very profitable for you as well.”

He then calls in the Secretary of State and says, “I am having some real trouble with the company in China that makes my ties. Could you offer them some kind of carrot to get them up and running?”

He then takes a call from Ben Carson who can’t seem to find his office.

At about that time the contractor who is building a new casino on a foreign getaway island calls with a problem about shipping the building materials.

At this point, he is told of several insulting remarks made about him somewhere by someone. He immediately starts twittering and spends the rest of the day just twittering away. Just another day in the Trump Empire! Here’s hoping he can get back for a few minutes with his new acquisition, the United States of America.

Yes, the Trump Empire seems to be moving right along and the United States is being snugly put to bed along with all the other parts and parcels of the Empire. Perhaps Donald will have a few moments tomorrow to discuss that urgent problem in the Middle East. It may have to wait so the tailor can measure the size and proportion of Trump’s new crown. After all, you don’t acquire an entire country for the Empire every day!




A recent survey suggests that many consumers, especially millennials, are concerned about the unhealthy swill that pigs are forced to eat. Rather than worry about what pigs are eating, let’s focus on what we’re eating — and not eat pigs.

Most pigs killed for food are raised on crowded, filthy factory farms. Clean by nature, they must live amid their own feces and vomit, and sometimes even the corpses of other pigs.

Mother pigs are generally kept in gestation crates, which are so small that they can’t even turn around or lie down comfortably. Their piglets are taken away when they are as young as 10 days old. The mothers are impregnated again. The piglets’ tails are cut off, their teeth are often clipped in half, their ears are mutilated, and males’ testicles may be cut off — all without pain relief. 

When the time comes for slaughter, they’re prodded onto trucks bound for the slaughterhouse, where they are hung upside-down, scalded, and bled to death, often while they’re still conscious.

This is no way to treat other sentient beings. Please stop eating pigs.

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I am a very fortunate American. Born in 1951, I have always had a roof over my head, clothing, ample food, educational opportunity and the support of family and friends. Even so, through the first 50 years of my life, I missed the boat. I believed that being a good citizen was simply being a good person, and voting every two years. It is obvious to me now that the needs of a complex democratic society are much greater than this and cannot be met by elected and appointed officials only.

I now see more and more Americans realizing that if they want justice for all, that it is time to get off the sidelines and begin to actively participate in making our country a place where suffering is less common.



Friends, before we condemn the undocumented, let’s consider why someone would risk his life following a coyote across a desert to live in fear of detection if there were any alternative.

Unless the would-be resident is fluent enough to follow complicated instructions in English, is able to afford many thousands of dollars for an attorney, can navigate the web, and can wait years for a determination, there is little chance of success — even with a spouse who is a US citizen, even with a sponsor to guarantee employment and living expenses. I have personally observed an immigration judge deceiving applicants (in a language not their own) in order to be able to reject their petitions.

Please, let’s turn our focus to repairing and streamlining the system before we attack those who are paying the price.