After reading the change in Arcadia article, while there are some points about certain groups it is not an entirely full picture. There is also a population of taxpaying and hard-working second-generation families, such as my wife and me. Her family fled Vietnam in the late ’70s. And my family came from Taiwan. 

We are both college graduates and decided to buy our home in Arcadia. We make mortgage payments and try to be active and involved in our children’s education. My wife and I can speak the native languages of our families, but that isn’t always the case with others in Arcadia. 

So it is not fair to cluster and generalize Chinese. We may all identify ourselves as Chinese, but there are many that can’t even speak it, and they may be third or fourth-generation.

The section that was especially unfair was this excerpt. There are certain populations that can be described as such, but to make a general statement that they are all “Chinese” is not correct.

This has fed a perception that many Chinese come to Arcadia not to be a part of America, but to take advantage of it. “They are coming here not to become truly American citizens — they are coming here for financial, education and business reasons, but their heart lies in China,”  




Recent news items of sexual abuse/ harassment do not surprise me.

Whether it’s a famous person such as Bill Cosby, or actor Stephen Collins, or a US president,
a senator, news anchor or musician — or non-famous people such as one’s office co-worker, parent, doctor or pastor — perpetrators are found in all fields and are often the pillars of their communities, or admired in their businesses.

And Donald Trump still hasn’t been held accountable for what women reported about his behaviors.

Apparently a double standard is still acceptable.




This [sale of the LA Weekly] is a tragedy for the newsprint community. Semanal Media are the new owners, but who are the sellers? As they say, follow the money. Someone unprincipled must have made a financial killing on this sale.

My dad was a lifelong newspaperman when there was honor among thieves. I know he’s turning over in his grave.




The Trump administration ruled on Friday that animals raised for food under the “USDA Organic” label need not be treated any less cruelly than those in conventional farming. The decision reverses years of U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, which held that the “organic” label should impose minimal ethical, health, and environmental standards. For the animals, this included adequate space, light, and access to the outdoors.

Under the Trump administration, this will no longer be the case. “Organic” farm operations will be allowed to cram laying hens five to a small wire cage that tears out their feathers and to grind or suffocate millions of male chicks at birth because they don’t lay eggs. Mother pigs will spend their miserable lives in tight metal crates, as their babies are torn from them and mutilated with no anesthesia. And dairy cows will continue to cry for their babies torn from them at birth, so we can drink their milk.

Caring consumers opting for “organic” animal products, to reduce their role in subsidizing these abuses, will now have no choice but to switch to plant-based foods, including the widely available nut- and grain-based meats, milks, cheeses, and ice creams.




The theme of the Rose Parade should be Festival of Greed. Every year, all the hotels, parking facilities and restaurants within a 20-mile radius of Pasadena (with no regard for seniors or the disabled) increase their prices from 100 to 400 percent, and neither the city of Pasadena nor its tourism board or chamber of commerce will do nothing about it, except encourage it.

Do yourself a favor and stay home and watch it on TV. I have been following this “orgy of greed” for over 60 years, but won’t go near it anymore.




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