I feel very sad about the circumstances these days involving the treatment of Muslims in America, and concerning the movement of Muslims coming and going to and from America.

I live in Pasadena. Residing in Pasadena is a small number of Muslims. Indeed, we have a Muslim school within our city limits. Nationwide, we have 3½ million Muslims. By and large, both as citizens and visitors, they are an important part of our freedom-loving society.

President Donald Trump’s family tree in America is very limited. His grandfather was born in Germany. There was a time when Germans were at war with us. Young American men and women were killed by Germans in World War II. Our troops also killed a large number of Germans. Yet today we Americans gladly accept Germans as our friends and neighbors. This is as it should be. This acceptance of other races and religions is a vital part of our American history. We are a nation of immigrants. Muslims are simply one segment of American society. If Muslims should commit a crime, they should be punished like anyone else committing a crime. If Christians commit a crime, they should also be dealt with in the same fashion.   

But, just as it is not a crime to be a Christian, it is not a crime to be a Muslim. What is presently happening in America under the Trump presidency is in the larger sense of the word, a crime.

To my Muslim friends, I extend my hand in fellowship and friendship. Let us hope and pray for better days that include all of God’s children regardless of race, creed or color.



My grandfather, Albert Joseph Bialek, came to the United States from Poland (Galicia) in 1910. Per the Ellis Island website, he boarded the ship Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse in Bremen, Germany (formerly Prussia). He had just completed his service in the Austrian army. Poland at that time was divided into three spheres of influence by Austria, Prussia and Russia.

Upon being discharged he returned to his father’s farm. Officers from the Austrian army made an attempt to reenlist him, but tradition dictated that he could remain at home so long as he was sorely needed on the farm. Immediately after the officers departed, Albert’s father gave him his brother’s travel documents and instructed him to travel to the United States. His father knew that war was coming and he didn’t want to lose his son to it. It took me longer to locate my grandfather on the passenger list because I had forgotten he was traveling under the name Jan and not Albert. Given the fact that Albert entered the United States under the name Jan Bialek and later burned his immigration papers it is evident he was by definition an “illegal immigrant.” He went on to become a very hard-working brick mason and law-abiding citizen, raising 12 children with the help of his Polish wife Mary (nee Mazan). The rest, as they say, is history.

Just as Cleveland is a city of neighborhoods, so is the United States a country of immigrants. In fact, all the major cities of America (at one time) served as incubators for immigrants to not only become accustomed to the ways of this country, but also to intermingle with each other (often prohibited in their native homeland). It’s a shame that the inner cities were handed over to the absentee landlords following World War ll. Just imagine how much stronger and united our country might have been had this unofficial tradition continued. Gentrification is not the answer. Preventing immigration is not the solution. Intense vetting is acceptable during these challenging times. But to unfairly deny one person access to the United States makes us all orphans again. As a once popular song goes, “Let me in immigration man.”




These women’s marches against President Donald Trump are a total waste of time, as they will change nothing.

President Trump will not listen to what they have to say and probably does not care.

Why should he? Millions of women voted for Trump and that helped put him in the White House.

All the shouting and the marches that are really protests will be heard only by the protesters themselves. No one else is listening.



Sheriff Jim McDonnell appears satisfied that his “boys” have been cleared of any wrongdoing in the handling of Mitrice Richardson’s case.

The conclusion that there were no criminal acts found in the handling of this case means that (US Sen. and former state Attorney General) Kamala Harris has signed off on the following: 1) The removal of the naked skeletal remains of a 24-year-old woman who had been missing for close to a year by detectives on the case without the presence of the medical examiner is proper protocol; 2) concealing a videotape of a missing 24-year-old woman while in custody and who was subsequently found dead in a canyon after being released from custody and then lying about it is proper protocol, and 3) lying about phone calls that were made by a now-deceased 24-year-old woman who was found naked in a canyon is proper protocol.

Interesting fact is that Lee Baca felt good about his “boys” and we see where that landed him. Since Sheriff McDonnell has yet to agree to meet with me to discuss this matter, I offer the following comments that I shared with Lee Baca in a meeting a few years ago: “Either your eyes are wide open or your head is in the sand, but either way your empire is going to come tumbling down.”