Fuller Theological Seminary scraps plans

to move from Pasadena to Pomona

Dear City of Pasadena and Residents,

Many of you will be aware that in May of 2018 Fuller Theological Seminary announced we would be selling our primary campus in Pasadena to build a new facility in Pomona. This was a very difficult decision, not least because of our immeasurable ties and history with the city of Pasadena, where we were founded in 1947, and the deep affection felt by our 44,000 alumni for their time here. Much research and strategy went into determining that the move was the right option for the future of our mission, even though it meant leaving a city that has been home for over 70 years.

For a variety of reasons, our Board of Trustees has now determined that it is in the best interest of Fuller to remain in Pasadena. The two primary triggers for reconsidering our plans to sell and move were: a) construction costs for the proposed Pomona campus that escalated even more than we had conservatively estimated; and b) differences with the city of Pasadena that affected the sale price of the seminary’s Pasadena campus. As our Board Chair Dan Meyer put it simply, “The economics and timing on which we based our original plan have changed too significantly to make it the best course for Fuller’s future. We have determined another positive way forward and will now pursue that vigorously.”

While the situation is complex, this recommitment to Pasadena provides Fuller the opportunity to deepen our relationship with the city, the incomparable educational institutions located here, and the wonderful network of nonprofits and businesses that serve the city with civic pride and goodwill. We recommit ourselves to Pasadena and the work that is already taking place in order to be the kind of neighbor our seminary wants to be. We want to continue working alongside the city and its partners through ventures such as Fuller’s Psychological and Family Services that provide affordable mental health services, the Fuller Seminary Office for Urban Initiatives that provides strategies for addressing social injustices including homelessness, and the numerous faculty and staff that volunteer throughout the city. These initiatives lie at the heart of Fuller’s mission in the world and how we hope to continue to be of service within Pasadena.

We want to express gratitude to Mayor Terry Tornek, City Manager Steve Mermell, and City Planning Director David Reyes for their assistance in this changing situation. They have demonstrated their commitment to Pasadena, and we look forward to partnering into the future. We also want to express deep thanks to the residents of Pasadena who are the heartbeat of the city — we look forward to continuing this journey with you. Our hearts have been touched by Pasadena’s interest in and support of Fuller. Our vision here has been strengthened as we embrace Pasadena again for the first time.








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