Dear Kevin and the wonderful staff of the Pasadena Weekly:

I want to thank all of you who work so hard to cover events in Pasadena and call our attention to important community and national issues.  We are a stronger and better community because of your work.

About the ownership change at the Weekly! Newspapers are suffering because the advertising base that underwrote these publications is drying up.  One reason is on-line purchasing from Amazon and other digital outlets.  Unlike the big department stores such as Macy’s that have been the mainstay of many urban newspapers, digital companies advertise through the net.  And the brick and mortar stores that line our streets and are the basis for our commercial life are feeling the pinch.  So I’ve decided to eliminate any on-line buying and return to the old-fashioned way to purchasing — sales person face to face with customer. I’ve made this decision not just to help save newspapers and the stores that sell from commercial buildings but to save the jobs of those who work in them.  I have a couple of other reasons for my decision — all those cardboard boxes and packages delivered by Amazon’s new fleet of diesel Prime vehicles (which Bezos eventually promises to run on electricity but did not do so before he ordered his huge diesel fleet).   Although newspapers are printed on paper, they are not as costly to our forests as the heavy packaging used by Amazon.

So if you want to help save our planet and our local newspapers, think before you make your next digital purchase. You may just be saving the Weekly and the stores that line the streets of our community.  




To John Jay,

Your submission about NO constitutional rights for non-U.S. citizens [Letters, Sept. 12] is laughable. The document was written over 200 years ago when roughly 25 percent of our nation’s states were nonexistent. The “sacred” document is in dire need of revisions which have yet to be made; including your 10 copies.

For clarification purposes I am referring to articles five and 14 specifically. Successful court rulings show that immigrants, regardless of legal status, do indeed have rights. Nowhere is it stated in print that immigrants of any status lack or are deprived of rights; though, some are restricted just the same for US citizens.

I am not calling you a racist, but I am calling you a fool (bigot if you choose). I have heard the same statement from my own “two white friends” who feel their opinion is valid by mentioning their black and Latino friends. It is not surprising your wife is of Mexican heritage but why bring her into it? Your hiding behind Jesus is typical of many “white Anglo-Saxon” individuals seeking opinion asylum.

If you think your days in college still hold superiority on a “sacred” document, then I can only assume you are in your 60s or 70s; decades my senior. Until next time John Jay, I say good day.





Climate change is a huge issue!  It seems that a lot of the prevailing mentality is for “someone” else to fix it — the government, the country, the world.  A lot of fear is being instilled, with good reason, but there are things that we can personally do, choices we can make that collectively could make an impact.  Here are a few:  Plant trees, trees, and more trees, choose to drive a smaller or more fuel efficient car, eat less meat, build smaller and smarter homes and buildings, use less plastic and other resources, take your own bags to the store, don’t litter, and pick it up when you see it, contact those who make decisions about things that impact the environment, and demand change.  For instance, solar panels in parking lots,  and instead of using black asphalt, use something permeable that attracts less heat.  There are things WE can do!  Let US respect our precious Earth by making better choices.  Thank YOU!



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