Immigrants from Mexico and Central America work hard in fields growing and harvesting our food while exposed to poisonous chemicals sprayed from containers marked “DANGER.” Americans will not do this backbreaking labor, so corporate farmers break the law and hire unlawful immigrants. While there has been a crackdown with arrests, imprisonment and deportation of Spanish-speaking, brown-skinned immigrants, only 11 cases in the entire US were brought last year by the Justice Department against owners/employers.

Workers and residents of communities where the fields, slaughterhouses and other industries which employ immigrants are located are either afraid or too busy earning a living to complain. Many climate change leaders are too preoccupied giving Power Point presentations about “tipping points” and “fossil fuels” to connect the dots between refugees fleeing starvation due to crop failures caused by drought, hurricanes, floods and humanity’s climate crisis. We need more intersectional activism.

The link between certain cancers and toxic chemicals in our food and water supply is clear. At the same time we push politicians to adopt laws banning carcinogenic products like RoundUp, we must also prioritize providing farmers with alternatives. UC Davis has conducted innovative research in this area. Organic farming is beneficial to the soil, to the air and to the people who grow our food and those who consume the food.

The wealthy who can afford to buy organic produce from Whole Foods may think they are immune from environmental racism. However, everyone has to breathe air and drink water. Filthy Flint water and toxic Houston air from Dow Chemical plants and Shell Oil operations are in the news today, but tomorrow it can be here.  





This may come as a shock to many of you who are not as familiar with the Constitution as you should be, but immigrants (legal or illegal) have no constitutional rights.

There is not one word about rights for noncitizens anywhere in the main body of seven articles, nor is there mention in the 27 amendments. If anyone can find a single statement regarding immigrant rights, please let me know.

I have read the Constitution many times while in college and afterward, and I have 10 copies of this sacred document scattered around our house.

Lest anyone out there leap to the conclusion that I am against immigrants or a racist, let me put such idiotic thoughts to rest. I am a white, Anglo-Saxon Catholic (WASC). My wife is Mexican. All of my close friends are either Latino or black. I have only two white friends.

Anyway, the news pundits and ignorant TV reporters (CNN, FOX News, etc.) keep baying all day and all night about constitutional rights for illegal immigrants.

When doing this all day and all night they are exhibiting their lack of education generally and ignorance of the Constitution specifically.




Thanks to the Mueller report and the Senate Intelligence Committee, we have irrefutable evidence that Russia hacked into our election systems in 2016. They’re going to keep attacking our democracy unless we do something about it. Yet Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seems perfectly fine with leaving the door wide open for Russia and other hostile foreign powers to interfere in our democracy.

Protecting our elections shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It’s an issue that should concern every American. The House has passed a bill that would help states replace electronic voting machines with those that use verifiable paper ballots. Having a paper trail is a key way to prevent hackers from affecting the outcome of an election.

I’m asking my senators to stand up to Moscow Mitch and pass $600 million in election security funding. The Senate must pass an appropriations bill before Oct.1, and our senators have a real chance of convincing leadership to include election security funding in that bill.

We need to make sure that hostile foreign actors can’t alter a single American vote. We need to secure our elections now — and we can do that when the Senate passes election security funding.




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