President Trump is a danger to our democracy. Given the overwhelming evidence Mueller presented in his report and testimony, and the willingness of this administration to let foreign powers interfere in our democracy, it’s past time Congress opened a formal impeachment inquiry.

No more excuses. No more delays.

The Mueller investigation found extensive criminal activity committed by Trump and his team. It resulted in 37 indictments and at least seven convictions or guilty pleas, uncovered over 10 instances of obstruction of justice by Trump himself, and revealed over 100 secret meetings and communications between his campaign and Russian and their cronies.

If any other American had obstructed justice as flagrantly as Trump has, they’d be going to jail.

Our representative needs to step up now, because doing nothing will only embolden Trump to trample over our democratic norms and to keep breaking the law. Doing nothing sets a dangerous precedent for future presidents.

For all of these reasons, it’s time for our representative to voice their support for a formal impeachment inquiry.  




Debra A. Cohn’s letter (Pasadena Weekly, Aug. 22) proves that some people are allergic to facts. They are not satisfied with two years of the Mueller investigation into “Russian Collusion,” wasting $32 million of taxpayer money but still not finding any “collusion.” Now Cohn wants an extremely biased Congress to do the rest of the job and probe suspected “obstruction” with yet another round of the “witch hunt,” and wasting still more of tax dollars.

And since when has talking to foreign government leaders and officials become a crime? If so, Obama and John Kerry should also be probed.

The Democrat-controlled Congress ignores the continued insult to the National Anthem and is making “Impeachment” its national song. Some impatient Democrats want to investigate every member of the president’s family, their business dealings, and their accounts, including those of Trump-daughter Tiffany from her college days. Wow!

Surely, after the sad Mueller saga, a dozen Democrat and Hillary-supporter attorneys, who assisted in the probe, need another huge job.

May I remind Cohn that there are dozens of cases in which top Democrats and sympathetic officials should be jailed? The destruction of  thousands of emails, private servers doing government jobs and breaching security, funding phony dossiers to malign Trump, making controversial and anti-national uranium deals with Russia, getting FBI agents to work for Trump’s defeat and destruction, and making top officials conspire to wear wires to record Trump-meetings are just a few.

Let’s demand thorough investigation into ALL of these things and punish ALL the culprits. As for Donald Trump, if he is so bad, you can try and punish him in the 2020 elections. Until then, please shut up and work for national security, job creation, peace and unity and a free and fair election.




This Sept. 1 marked 80 years since Hitler invaded Poland and started World War II. Three years later, he launched the Holocaust that murdered six million European Jews.

A key question facing historians is how could an enlightened society that produced our civilization’s greatest philosophers, poets, painters and composers also produce its most notorious mass murderers, along with millions of ordinary upstanding citizens who just went along. Was the Holocaust a peculiarly German phenomenon, or are other enlightened societies capable? How about our own American society?

Jewish Nobel laureate Isaac Bashevis Singer gave a clear answer when he wrote: “To the animals, all people are Nazis.”

Singer’s message is that we are all capable of oppressing the more vulnerable sentient beings in our midst, frequently without even thinking about it.

Our own enlightened society has translated the arbitrary Nazi dictum “the Christian lives, the Jew dies” into an equally arbitrary “the dog lives, the pig dies.” Only the victims’ names have been changed. The blissful, self-serving ignorance of the death camps and slaughterhouses in our midst remains.

Our very first step on the long road to end all oppression should be to drop animals from our menus.



FROM Facebook

Re: “Mourning in America,” Aug. 15

This is the time that allies need to make themselves known, by being boots on the ground, standing side-by-side with those being targeted. We are all vulnerable to this type of persecution. Knowing my own family history and how we (US Italian-American citizens) were rounded up and sent to detention centers, (google Fort Missoula) we must stand united.

We Stand for the America #WeBelieve In.



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