A season of darkness, then comes the light

Under Trump’s leadership, America has been in darkness. We have lived with too much anger, fear, division, death and suffering.

“It is the prevalence of narcissistic wishful thinking on the part of the president, where facts that are inconvenient to his sense of himself and his search for continued power and prominence are ignored, pushed aside, reworked,” claimed Jon Meacham, world-renowned historian. “People are now dying because of his failure to acknowledge the role of reason, fact, science and law, and again, it’s not a close call, because 185,000 or more people are dead.”

Soon, we will wake to a new day filled with hope, love and caring, when America elects Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Former Vice President Biden has promised to get behind an American campaign platform, including a $15 per hour minimum wage while Trump has done nothing for workers and favored corporations and the rich. Paid family leave of 12 weeks is being promised. In addition, universal pre-K along with subsidies for child care is on the Biden agenda. Pro-union legal reforms which is badly needed after the destructive efforts to cause nothing but pain for our workers. Joe Biden along with a massive build-out of clean energy and an all-out effort to make ‘climate change a top priority, we are assured that he will keep his word while Trump simply lies and deceives.

Dr. Richard A. French