Mars may be a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Indeed, I couldn’t live there because it lacks all the elements needed for complex life. The moon is equally unpromising.
On the other hand, our Earth, formerly so generous with the means for our existence, is in big trouble.
We’ve inflicted grave injury on these resources — land, air, water. Carbon misplacement is warming the Earth and acidifying the oceans, threatening both marine and terrestrial life.
And it is clear from the science that conditions already exist for it to become much worse.
So when I hear all the exuberant plans to return to the moon and then go on to Mars, I can’t help but wonder, are these people crazy?
It is Earth that so urgently requires our attention, that needs a concerted, well-funded and comprehensive project to save our own planet’s viability. And we need it now.
Something like that plan has already passed one house of our legislature and gone nowhere. It was a good start.
Mars can wait.

To Pasadena Mayor Terry Tornek and members of the City Council:
I am begging you, please, please, please DO NOT allow the powers that be to be swayed in favor of making a lot of money over doing what is right and what is so necessary for the people that reside in the city of Pasadena.
I understand very well the temptation to simply make a lot of money by turning the Julia Morgan YWCA property into more overpriced condos, but I ask you to please take a moment to ponder this question: What is really more important and in the best interest of the current residents of Pasadena? To provide housing for those who are already homeless and for those residents who become displaced on a daily basis because of pure greed, or to provide more overpriced condos to the same group of wealthy people over and over again?
You might try to assuage your inclination toward the “money” by telling yourselves, and others, that what you would be doing is providing needed housing. I believe we all know in the back of our minds that nothing could be farther from the truth, as these would not be “housing” per se — but will be second, third, fourth or yet another real estate investment for the same people to either make more money from charging astronomical rents or to gift to their college-aged children.
While I can understand wanting your children to be comfortably housed, we have entire families living in homeless shelters and cars.
I beg of you to please do the right thing here and vote in favor of either homeless housing or at least completely affordable housing for those who already live in Pasadena and have nowhere else to turn. Not just a few units.
I have been a resident in this area for 30 years and frankly I am tired of losing my good neighbors to the pure greed that has taken over. Many of us long-time residents live in dire fear of “when it’s our turn …”
As it is, you have already ruined what was once a very special place in Pasadena — Ambassador College.
It is time for those who have been elected to represent the residents of Pasadena to actually start thinking about those residents, rather than the “possible residents” we can attract by building more of the same.
If you really hold the current residents of Pasadena in such disregard, perhaps you should be serving on a town council that aligns better with your agendas.


DNC IS OTL (out to lunch)
I’m writing this letter because I’ve read articles in the past in support of reducing carbon emissions. It is a major concern of mine that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has not decided to hold any debates centered on climate change. I am writing this as a concerned member of the community. We must get the DNC to bring this subject to the spotlight.
It is imperative that our Democratic candidates discuss the climate crisis and share what actions they plan to take to prevent this problem from getting worse. For example, how do they plan on making renewable energy affordable and accessible for everyone? I live in California where forest fires are more likely to happen because of the dry, harsh conditions of our environment.
We must take action now before it’s too late and the damage becomes irreversible. We have to urge the DNC to discuss openly, on a major platform, how they plan to combat this very serious issue.
I am a millennial and a member of Greenpeace. Of course, I am dedicated to retaining our very livelihood on this beautiful home we call Earth. I just can’t do it alone!


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