Climate change isn’t an either/or situation. It’s all-hands-on-deck, listen to the experts, heed the dire warnings, and do everything you can to move us as a species towards a solution.

Give up meat, drive an electric car, recycle, buy from sustainable sources, and work to elect officials at all levels of government who put our environment as their No. 1 priority.




We are truly in a time of great upheaval and tumult. Change is imminent!

I see lines being drawn, ideals and rights being trampled, lies being fed.

Viva the solution, a spiritual revolution.

I remember hearing once “Be the change you want to see,” or something such as that.




I find it both outrageous and sad that there is a lot of debate going on in DC (District of Crime) about compensating slave descendants while forgetting about the Indian “Holocaust” descendants.

Between 1700 and 1900, over 15 million Native Americans were slaughtered with white men’s bullets, diseases and starvation policies. Where is the concern for their descendants?

Everyone remembers the extermination of the Jews during World War II. No one remembers the extermination of the 15 million Indians! White men’s bullets killed thousands of Indians.

White men’s diseases killed millions. Deliberate starvation policies killed millions more.  White men killed millions of buffalo, the primary food for millions of Indians. Buffalo, by the year 1900, were nearly extinct because of the slaughter of the buffalo.

How about the fact that 800 million acres of land were stolen from the Indians between 1700 and 1900? Where is the concern for this outrage? How about the fact that more than 300 treaties were unilaterally violated by white men, including the “Great White Father.”

Again, why the concern for descendants of slaves, while there is no concern for the extermination of millions of Indians, violation of their rights, theft of their land, destruction of their way of life, and compensation for their descendants?




“Everything in this magazine (which I picked up so that I could “relax” and find “fun” things to do while I was here) is a liberal-minded jab of some sort … Planned Parenthood, abortion, the immigration crisis … whine, whine, whine. All one-sided. Go get your comfort dog and stop reminding me why I moved from here … ugh@pasadenaweekly. There are conservatives in Los Angeles — start catering to them. #pasadena#liberalsnowflakes“



Re: “Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden to visit Pasadena,” July 11

Go away Joe! We want Bernie!!! Or Harris or Warren!!!!! Or Buttigieg!!!! — Billy Skelly

Bernie cannot win buddy. The Democrats screwed him last time, plus they are still against him. Not to mention the word socialist and his ideas won’t fly. My suggestion is a Tim Ryan/Tulsi Gabbard ticket. Get to the middle. Stop with the BS. Don’t engage Trump. You’ll have a chance. Other than that,  NO CHANCE beating Trump.

Jim Buchan

I would have felt honored to meet him even though my first choice might be someone else. — Pamela Royce

Lol! Front runner? If he is the front runner, Trump will have 4 more years!

Antoinette Bates 

Sorry, not interested. Bernie please.

Isabel Avila

Filming an Efferdent commercial.

David Pietrangelo


Maria Hernandez 


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