Thirty-five years is a milestone to be proud of. Congratulations!

I loved my time at the Pasadena Weekly from the crazy deadlines for special issues to the mystery of who was stealing leftovers from the break room fridge. (Cough, Jim Laris, cough.) But the friendships were the best part of being on staff. 

I remained close to Rochelle Ordaz, a former classified ad rep, until her death in 2017. She took tremendous joy in her job and was devoted to her family. Her name was missing from the In Memoriam page and I wanted to make sure that her husband, children and grandchildren know that her friends miss her and think of her often.





(Editor’s Note: Thank you for writing, Paula. Rochelle’s name has been placed in the online version of In Memoriam. Her name is already included in the Honor Roll. If other names are missing from either section, please contact the editor at so they can be included.)


Kamala Harris was in prosecutor mode during the second Democratic presidential debate, and said it’s not “climate change,” but “climate crisis,” which threatens our very existence as a species.

Joe Biden promises 500,000 charging stations for our new, all-electric automobile fleet.

Bernie Sanders wants to “up the ante” on the Paris climate accord and make the rest of the world go along with a drastic transformation of the energy system. Millions need to rise up in a revolution against the fossil-fuel industry, the insurance industry, corporate greed in general, he said, and “we only have 12 years.”

Gov. Hickenlooper said Colorado is leading the way on tough methane regulations.

Some follow-up questions that didn’t get asked:

1. Would they outlaw gasoline-powered cars and diesel-powered trucks? How about trucks carrying diesel generators to rescue electric cars stranded between charging stations? How about emergency vehicles or farm equipment or excavation equipment with internal combustion engines?

2. What would supply back-up generating capacity when solar and wind facilities are not generating any power (say to supply those charging stations and keep the lights on in the operating room)?

3. How do we prosecute China for building hundreds of coal-fired generating stations?

4. Where do we get jet fuel for our public officials if our own industry is destroyed? From Iran?

5. Who will pay the hundreds of billions of dollars to Third World dictators in reparations for our driving cars and using coal-generated electricity?

6. Does AOC think her mentor Bernie Sanders has the “social intelligence of a sea sponge” to believe her 12-year deadline for Doomsday?

7. What did Gov. Hickenlooper do about methane-emitting cows and termites in Colorado? Should we still be allowed to eat meat?

For other major issues related to atmospheric carbon dioxide and climate (wildfires, health effects, ocean acidification, sea-level rise, Arctic ice, hurricanes, and more), see Climate Change IQ test. How well does your favorite candidate do?



to kamala harris:

I was so excited watching you during the debate. In addition to agreeing with your stance on many subjects, I greatly admired your ability to intelligently and powerfully state your views. I have thought for quite some time that you would be the best candidate to eviscerate the man currently occupying the White House and lead this country forward.

However, last night I learned that you are participating in a fundraiser with Miguel Bustos, the lobbying executive who defended Wells Fargo during the fake accounts scandal. 

I am crushed. I just don’t know how you could do this.  

Unfortunately, what this tells me is that if you are elected nothing will really change. Wall Street, and its connections to our health care and Big Pharma, will still run and ruin American lives on a daily basis. We will still have to fear that catastrophic loss is just around the corner.

You are better than this. And, if you don’t think you are, you shouldn’t be running for the office of the president of the United States in the first place.

This breaks my heart.