Police reform

While the country is suffering and people are dying, our people are experiencing miles and miles of lines in obtaining a meal, getting a test or a payment, our president is shouting about monuments.

What sort of fantasy is he living? The issues today are life and death with the virus and racial inequality, Black Lives Matter. Black lives really matter to us and police reforms is paramount. Blacks suffer death 2.5 times more at the hands of the police than whites.

I have experienced what police can do to made a better difference in a community. We need reform that brings us back to community policing. To attain this healthy goal, we need to concentrate upon a positive approach like prevention.

The first order of business is to attract the college educated. Then, stress psychology, cultural sensitivity, community skills and de-escalation in their extended training. Take away activities better suited to other skilled areas like homelessness, home disruptions and mental illness. Finally hold people accountable!

We need the police. They just need the correct leadership, and community goals where they can flourish. Let’s get away from arming them to the teeth for a military battle and let better trained organizations handle those areas.

Dr. Richard A. French