To Patricia Cunliffe and
Kevin Uhrich:

I am writing to both thank you for bringing attention to the arts in Pasadena with your recent article, and to ask that you address what I feel is the article’s unfortunate characterization of the staff running the museum after Wesley Jessup’s departure.

During this period, the PMCA held well-attended exhibitions of significant California artists and designers. These included Wayne Thiebaud (2009), the California Design Biennial (2010), Graffiti Art (2011), LA Raw (2012), Edgar Payne (2012), Sam Francis (2013), Alfredo Ramos (2014), Corita Kent (2015), Claire Falkenstein (2016), and so on.

These shows and many others were held under the leadership of Jenkins Shannon, who with her dedicated staff should also receive credit for the museum’s reputation for quality and scholarship. The reference to “experts” in the article is misplaced and ignores the great success the museum achieved during those years. A follow up article highlighting the success of that team would be appreciated.




As a longtime Democrat I was saddened to hear of the death of John McCain, a military hero, congressman and senator. He believed in this country and was willing to cross the party line to get things done, dealing with the Democrats to benefit all.

All of the living presidents sent glowing tributes to the McCain family and the nation, except the classless current occupant of the White House. McCain asked Bush and Obama to speak at his funeral, and not the classless one.




Dictator woos the disenfranchised, obliterates the press, imposes punitive measures and grabs absolute military control.  Remember Hitler, et al? Are our memories so short? Have we learned nothing from the patterns of world history?

The Roman Empire paid, Britain paid, as did France, Germany, etc. Time for America to pay up on its karma.

Trump, you may bully America but it won’t work with the rest of the world.  If you want the US to end up as an isolated landmass of gun-toting rednecks and bimbos, you might just get your wish, and with no allies, only enemies, why would any normal person want to be here?

Here we are, stuck in the ’50s while the world moves on. Bernie Sanders could have turned this into a free country and brought us into line with Europe, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, etc.

Pity that Hillary didn’t know when to leave the stage. The biggest mistake of all? No country can afford to have a disenfranchised sector.  Why wasn’t that fixed?

Meanwhile, the intelligentsia knows that education and international travel are a big part of the solution. America ranks lowest in these.




Re: Letters, Aug. 23

(In response to the “letter” submitted by “Patrick Lawson” of Pasadena),

With a torrential outpouring of scorching hatred and raging lunacy all across the country, carnophobes are not just annoying anymore. They’re downright destructive. These unhinged beings should be right in there for remedies available via our greatest system of medicine the world has ever known.

For starters, they should be schooled in the proper properties of meat.  Buzzfeed (buzzfeed.com/amimonitor/15-common-meat-myths-that-need-to-be-crushed-for-g-nm7b?utm_term=.rnwJzEW7q#.ssqDN6q4L) is a good place to start. And since this cabal is SO fond of throwing percentages out there, that’s almost 100 percent more fact-based talking points than businessinsider.com/8-ridiculous-myths-about-eating-meat-2014-2

Plagiary is emitted by this cadre every time the media runs their unknown authored propaganda. Perhaps the more disturbing and damaging aspects of this charade is the apparent complicity of the USA Today Network and other news syndicates publishing this tripe. I cannot believe the press has not discovered that after nearly two decades that they are being used. So the media involved MUST be active participants.

In an all-around sustainable society, we must not be quibbling over our neighbor’s diets (cannibals excepted). A big, beefy, bacon-wrapped burger barbecued to perfection should only be criticized by Muslims, and they can skip the bacon. In the meantime, we still don’t know who writes these PETA pieces, or how many of the “letter writers” even exist.

Let’s go hit the Drive-Thrus…When I did a Google search on “With scorching heat and raging wildfires in the West and torrential downpours and massive flooding in the East,” it’s yielded between 400-600 results the past couple of days, with many different names purporting to be the author.