I’d just like to say I’ve noticed a lot of baby boomers, (who wear a mask) and are walking, giving the thumbs up like the peace sign used to be used!

Stay safe.





According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, LA’s unemployment rate is now 6.4 percent, a five-year high. LA is going to have to work hard to recover from COVID-19, but if we are going to do it, let’s do it in a way that makes us stronger. Let’s use this chance to challenge the status quo and really charge toward a greener economy.

Take our energy sector, for example. We still rely on fossil fuels such as natural gas to bridge the intermittency of solar and wind. Let’s use this time to wean ourselves off such half-measures. We can invest in zero emission storage and distribution technologies that will stabilize existing renewables. In doing so, we could boost jobs in renewable energy facilities, making them more commercially viable.

Compared to the fossil fuel industry, the renewable energy industry has one of the highest employment potentials. Did you know that wind-turbine technicians and solar-panel installers are the fastest-growing jobs in the country? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, such jobs are growing at a rate 12 times as fast as the rest of the US economy.

Renewables are critical to a post-COVID-19 future in which we create a more resilient city. When deployed as a portfolio, renewables can help us create smart microgrids for our neighborhoods, localizing power distribution closer to demand. When we become more grid independent, we become more prepared.

When I look out across Los Angeles and see the mountains clearly, I cannot help imagining how greenification of our city’s economy would mean in the long run. Earth Week 2020 was a historic opportunity to ask Mayor Garcetti to take a stronger stance for the environment. Let’s carry the momentum to encourage him to make this transition-for our health, for our economy, for our future situation.






Those who believe Trump has no responsibility in this pandemic are wrong. Trump and his base have treated COVID-19 as a political problem. COVID-19 is a public health problem!

Trump and his administration were warned by worldwide scientists in November of 2019 of this problem. Trump called it a “Democratic hoax” and “fake news.” In March, “it’s under control.” Add these comments to his more than 10,000-plus lies! The inaction of this administration has led to more deaths and increased the economic fall out.

This pandemic has forced our country to finally expose the weakness of employer-based health care. I support Biden’s plan to include Medicare as an option as a prelude for universal health care in the US.

We are all in this together; let us vote to make both political and policy changes so we can “Make America Great Again!”





While social distancing, sheltering in place and searching for a vaccine are all important factors in containing COVID-19, we should also help prevent future pandemics by banning live-animal markets, including those in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

As long as sick and stressed animals are crowded together on factory farms and in blood-soaked meat markets — both breeding grounds for deadly diseases — humans risk causing another pandemic.

The 2009 H1N1 swine flu outbreak that killed up to 575,400 people worldwide in its first year is believed to have originated in a North Carolina factory farm. And the H5N1 bird flu strain that kills 60 percent of people who catch it continues to plague many poultry farms worldwide.

I warned of a pandemic in my book, For a Moment of Taste, and how I wish I had been wrong.

Let’s all do our part to stop the next pandemic — and reduce animal suffering — by going vegan.

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