There used to be balance in nature,

but man has ruined it all

by greed and overproduction.

It’s the worst thing since The Fall.

When Noah loaded the creatures,

he took two of each species to save.

Now man has tipped the balance.

The situation has become grave.

When apes were the dominant species,

they understood Nature’s way,

but evolution kept on expanding;

Unethical humans hold sway.

So COVID 19 is her answer

to man’s destructive bent.

She’ll simply eliminate people

And Earth will not care where they went.




Mask Up

This is our community and we must endeavor to protect it.

Wearing non-medical masks when we’re out and about doing our essential trips could help slow the transmission of COVID-19 when combined with physical distancing and hand hygiene.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), COVID-19 is primarily transmitted through droplets and contact. Under the right circumstances, normal breathing could propel droplets up to approximately three feet and sneezing to approximately 20 feet horizontally.

Wearing a non-medical mask offers some filtration as well as a reminder to not touch your nose and mouth.

We do NOT need an N95 or surgical mask to be protected out in public — especially since we should be six feet away from each other anyway. Leave the medical-grade masks to our health care workers who are at the highest risk due to their close proximity and constant exposure to patients. As of this moment, we don’t have enough masks and we must make sure that our health care workers are adequately protected so they can continue to take care of us.

Also, play it wise! Continue to support the quarantine and religiously practice physical distancing and hand hygiene. Avoid touching your face, cough and sneeze into your arm and have a healthy lifestyle to support your immune system.

Let’s continue to protect each other.





Perhaps COVID-19 is a good thing. It’s reteaching us the lessons of the Spanish Influenza that led America to develop suburbs and the car culture.

• Housing Density Kills

• Public Transportation Kills

• Multi-use Packaging Kills

Perhaps we can do something smart like actually make zoning and building codes in the interest of public health, rather than the interest of offshore investors, tax dodgers and worshipers of the Gaia human hating cult. Don’t hold your breath though. The politicians would gladly let half of us die for their next campaign contribution and the Zoning Nazis are so deep in their dogma that reality even if applied by a 2×4 to the cheeks cannot reach them.

There are reasons why Southern California, even though we have a high rate compared to the rest of California, does not have the infection rate or death toll New York has.

The first vector of death is Public Transportation. New York City’s public transportation is in dark, poorly ventilated underground tubes, an environment viruses love. Even in Los Angeles, after rest home residents the second highest infection rate is among public transportation users. But our percentage of people using public transportation is small. NYC its almost 80 percent of the population.

Next our housing stock is not dense and most of the pre-1985 dense housing has exterior balcony hallways, not enclosed lobbies, and long, deep enclosed poorly ventilated seldom cleaned hallways. Density and particularly density coupled with long, dark, sunshine-absent hallways are vectors of death. This has been observed now for ONLY 200 years. It’s also one reason that dense Scandinavian housing tends to put hallways along a central sunlit core, because sunshine actually really is the best disinfectant. That’s not just a saying about political transparency. The zoning code writers who have always despised modernism for the freedom of spirit that it grants to the individual and who have attempted to eradicate it under the false guise of saving the Earth, forget or never knew that modernism was founded in solid science dealing with the physical and psychological health of the human being. You cant save the Earth for human habituation if you kill humans with doctrinaire, stupid and unhealthy designs.