By Pasadena Weekly Staff

Jones Coffee has partnered with Pasadena’s Cottage Co-Op Nursery School, a nonprofit organization where children have been learning through play since 1972, to conduct a coffee sales fundraising program through Nov. 5.

Cottage Co-Op family members will be taking orders for 12-ounce bags of locally roasted whole bean coffee to be delivered the week of Nov. 15. Each bag will be co-branded and all proceeds will go to the school, whose mission is to foster social-emotional development through a child-led curriculum while supporting parents through a co-operative community.

Support from this fundraiser makes Cottage Co-Op accessible to more families by keeping tuition low and providing financial assistance, nurtures the parent-education program, and covers other yearly costs that allow the school to thrive.

Cottage Co-Op operates out of one of the residential estates purchased by CalTrans during the project to expand the 710 corridor. Recent developments have created the opportunity for Cottage Co-Op to purchase the property, allowing it to continue its work.

Cottage Co-Op depends on the generosity of the community, tax-deductible donations and the fundraising participation of each member family to keep its programs vibrant and accessible.

Jones Coffee Roasters has been in Pasadena since 1994. It is committed to the origin traceability of the coffees it roasts and to its growers’ sustainable farming practices.

To place an order or make a donation, visit or call Jones Coffee at 626-325-4723.