Justin Chapman

Former Altadena Town Council Chair Jacqueline Fennessy, named Woman of the Year in 2003 by Congressman Adam Schiff, died from lung cancer on July 24. The 70 year old had lived in Altadena for more than 48 years.

A noted community activist and volunteer, Fennessy served as executive director of the Pasadena-based Patron Saints Foundation, as a director for the Scripps Home in Altadena and as a member of the Altadena Library District Board.

“She was one of the most active and involved citizens we’ve had,” said current Town Council Chair Ken Balder. “She was a tremendous help to me personally starting out in the Town Council, and we’re definitely going to miss Jacquie Fennessy.”

Fennessy is survived by her sons William Jr., Dan, Brian, Michael and David as well as 13 grandchildren.

A service was held last Friday at St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, and the Scripps Home and Pasadena Convalescent Aid Society are accepting donations in her memory at her family’s request.