More than 80 area private school students marched on Los Angeles City Hall Friday, marking the second week of protest against attempts by federal lawmakers to criminalize illegal immigrants and those who would help them.

Students from Ramona Convent Secondary School in Alhambra, Mission High School in San Gabriel, and Sacred Heart of Jesus and Cathedral high schools in Los Angeles addressed a meeting of the Los Angeles City Council to support legal residency for the undocumented.

“We unite towards one central cause: Legalization for those undocumented currently residing in the US,” said Cathedral High School student Mauricio Sanchez at a rally that took place before the council meeting on the steps of City Hall.

Then on Saturday, hundreds more marched downtown, where on March 25 more than 500,000 gathered for what police called the largest protest in LA history, sparking massive student walkouts all over the Southland.

Although currently being modified as it wends its way through the Senate, a bill passed earlier this year by the House of Representatives would have made illegal immigration a felony offense, hiring the undocumented a crime, and require local police to enforce federal immigration laws. The Republican-drafted bill would have also made it illegal for churches and charities to provide services to the undocumented, and called for the construction of new immigrant detention facilities.