By Morgan Cole

Glendale author Tim Wahl is bringing together his two loves—English as a Second Language and football—for his new book,

“Footballogy: Elements of American Football for Non-Native Speakers of English” includes readings, illustrations, puzzles and self-assessments that guide readers to learn the story of football’s history and traditions as well as how the game is played.

Wahl, who just retired from a 32-year career in adult education with the Los Angeles Unified School District, taught ESL to people from all around the world. After years of researching American football being played in other countries, Wahl decided to use is retirement to write this book.

The book is written for people who are learning English and want to discover more about American culture. It can be used in classrooms as a means of learning the English language or for individual preference.

Hailing from Upstate New York, Wahl earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Iowa and his master’s degree at the University of Phoenix before moving to LA and teaching junior high school.

Wahl said he didn’t know what ESL was before he started teaching it. While working as a junior high school teacher, Wahl said he was advised to teach ESL to adults because they believed it was the greatest job.

“I got into it purely by accident,” Wahl said.

In the beginning, Wahl taught ESL to adults at night in Chinatown as a part-time job and continued his day job teaching kids.

Wahl said he enjoyed it so much that he made it his full-time job and ended up teaching adult education for 32 years.

Wahl is hoping to expand the works of “Footballogy” to workshops on American football in other countries. The problem, according to Wahl, is that he doesn’t have name recognition.

“I’m not somebody who played in the NFL,” Wahl said.

His book, “Footballogy: Elements of American Football for Non-Native Speakers of English,” is available at online retailers as well as available for discounted bulk orders through n