William Iyawe-Parsons knows credibility is everything. 

When he and his three partners—Khalid Namoos, Max Yeh and Tam Nguyen—created Sympol Products’ Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, they knew they had to be FDA registered and make the items pleasing for customers.

Sympol Products is keeping customers safe from COVID-19 by producing 10,000 gallons of moisturizing hand sanitizer each week in scent free and aromas like spring blossom, lavender, grapefruit, peppermint and tea tree oil. The key was to develop pleasing aromas that would mask the strong smell of ethyl alcohol.

“Our chemists identified many plant-derived oils that could be used to not only provide great aromas, but also effectively moisturize hands, too,” Iyawe-Parsons said.

“Product development has been so much fun for us because we love testing new formulas for beautiful aromas to share with you all.”

Their formula uses 70% ethyl alcohol, which is 10% more than the CDC-recommended formula.

“Providing a product that will be as effective as possible without compromising the nourishing components is important to us,” Iyawe-Parsons said.

“Sympol provides a powerful clean and our proprietary oil-blend complements the clean with nourishment. Your hands need your precious oils to stay soft and hydrated. Now more than ever hands are being overly dried and dehydrated and this is where Sympol comes in to make a difference. We must keep ourselves and our communities healthy by taking necessary sanitary precautions and Sympol has figured out how to do so while keeping your clean hands healthy, too.”

The products are 100% pure and natural oils leave the skin moisturized, Iyawe-Parsons said. The aromas come from plant extracts with cosmetic-grade aloe vera and kosher-grade glycerin.

The items can be purchased from sympolproducts.com, amazon.com, Aveda salons and retail stores and the Andaz Hyatt Hotel in West Hollywood.

Sympol Products’ founders recognized that sanitizers frequently lead to dry and cracked skin, but they wanted something better.

Sympol Products has a second line of industrial products, but Iyawe-Parsons said manufacturing hand sanitizer for customers brought out his creative side.

“It was definitely fun because when you recreate an industrial product, no one cares about the packaging,” he said. “If it cleans the dirty spill on the ground, that’s all that matters to consumers. We could make the packaging fun, pretty and really nice.”

Sympol Products—which also includes Osam Iyawe and Taylor Smith—is considering adding more aromas.

“Aromas are experience based,” said Iyawe-Parsons, who has a chemical manufacturing company. “You would never want hand sanitizer that smells like skunks. Grapefruit is better. We’re approaching it by creating the perfect grapefruit aroma.

“We’re working on herbal, earthly aromas for our hand sanitizer and hand soap lines.”

Hand sanitizers are available in 1 ounce, 2 ounces and 4 ounces for travelers. The 8-ounce and 16-ounce options are perfect for desks, waiting rooms and any other high-traffic areas. Prices vary, but customers can save by subscribing.

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