A judge sentenced dine-and-dasher dater Paul Guadalupe Gonzales to 120 days in jail last Monday for defrauding an innkeeper in connection with luring several women he met online to expensive restaurants in Pasadena and other communities and skipping out on the bill.

Pasadena Police Detective Victor Cass, who occasionally writes for the Pasadena Weekly, testified that he arrested Gonzales on in on Aug. 25 in Old Pasadena after recognizing him.

According to patch.com, Gonzales told Cass that he used to have a high-paying sales job. Gonzales allegedly said he now has no money and suffers from physical ailments, explaining that the only way he ever feels better is by eating really good food, according to the detective.

“He stated that he could not afford to eat in the manner that he was used to eating,” Cass testified.

Gonzales initially served just under a month behind bars before being released on $100,000 bond following Superior Court Judge Darrell Mavis’ decision to dismiss eight felony counts of extortion and two felony counts of attempted extortion. Mavis said he did not dispute that the women Gonzales abandoned at restaurants were victims, but did not identify a crime committed against them.

Seven women testified that they were embarrassed and believed they had no choice but to pay the bill at restaurants in Pasadena, Long Beach and Beverly Hills — ranging from under $100 to as much as $250 — after Gonzales left the restaurant unbeknownst to them, according to Patch.

Deputy Public Defender Salvador Salgado argued during the preliminary hearing that the extortion-related charges were exaggerated and claimed the real victim of a person walking out on a check is the restaurant, not the women who were abandoned at the table.