Since time immemorial, it has been a fantasy for many a bride that’s often thought to be out of reach or impractical, but the destination wedding can also be a viable option for most brides who want to create an unforgettable, unique day filled with magic and love. 


A survey shows that approximately 24 percent of weddings performed in 2013 were destination weddings, according to


“Couples are more focused than ever on creating a unique, personalized and once-in-a-lifetime experience for their guests — plus they’re doing so in a modern way by planning from their smartphones, publicizing details on social media and more,” said co-founder Carley Roney.


With traditional wedding ceremonies costing on average $29,000, destination weddings, which are usually smaller, are often a far cheaper and less-stressful way to marry.


Anxious couples often encounter such unwelcomed pressure from things like guest lists, place-settings and décor that it becomes simpler to keep attendance, and the involvement of family and friends, to a minimum. 


Older brides and those planning second or third marriages often choose a destination wedding because they’ve already experienced the pomp and circumstance of more traditional ceremonies. And many families see these events as a wonderful way to reunite several generations for a much-needed vacation. 


California native Francine Cohen’s Las Vegas wedding was held at the home of extended family members who lived close to all the amenities of the Las Vegas Strip, allowing her to provide virtually free entertainment to invited guests. 


“The best part was not having to find a place since my Aunt Sandy lived out there already,” she said. 


In the last several years, there has been a decided shift in popularity with regard to exciting places to wed. Many adventurous couples-to-be are apt to see the exchanging of vows as an important part of a larger experience, and opt for locales that challenge and thrill, as well as delight. 


Las Vegas is a perennial favorite for quick and elaborate nuptials alike and continues to top the list of most popular places to wed. Of course, exotic locales such as Fiji, the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Bermuda, Jamaica, South America, Paris and Italy remain popular and will continue to beckon lovers. Thrill-seeking couples are also opting for more imaginative locations, such as New Zealand, South Africa, Eastern Europe and Tibet. 


Despite the benefits, the out-of-town wedding isn’t for the faint of heart. Cohen experienced her share of frustrations when planning her Vegas wedding.


“The worst part of it was not knowing anyone out there who was providing the services, having to use a minister we didn’t know and finding places to get all of our wedding stuff, like flowers, haircuts and deejays.” 


With a bit of research, resourcefulness, proper support and a lot of patience, a destination wedding can be an enchanting way for lovers to create a memorable merge.