Reported Cases in Pasadena and surrounding areas as of Monday, August 24

South Pasadena: 242; Alhambra: 1101; Altadena: 582; Arcadia: 429; Glendale: 2929; Monrovia: 656; San Gabriel: 541;

Total Confirmed Cases in Pasadena: 2,291

Total Deaths in Pasadena: 111

Total Confirmed Cases in LA County: 231,695

Total Deaths in LA County: 5,545

• COVID-19 seems to be plateauing in Pasadena after cases and deaths drop. For over two weeks, the Pasadena Health Department has not reported a new coronavirus death and new cases have dropped to an average of about 11 per day. This is the best week Pasadena has had since June where there were no deaths reported for eight days. Huntington Hospital is treating 33 COVID-19 related patients as of August 23.

  Orange County has been removed off of the state’s coronavirus watchlist after a surge in July. If the positive trend continues, students K-12 will be allowed to resume in-person classes. Los Angeles County is close behind, fulfilling five out of the six criteria laid out by the state. The only item left to be fulfilled is the per-capita rate of people testing positive for the virus. According to county officials, the case rate has dropped to 275 per 100,000 but believes it fall below 200 per 100,000. Once the case rate drops to below 200, officials will be issuing waivers to allow schools to reopen campuses.

• A man returning to Hong Kong has been reported to be the first person to be reinfected with the novel coronavirus. The 33-year-old man first contracted the virus in April and discovered he was reinfected after an airport screening prior to his flight from Europe back to Hong Kong. According to scientists from the University of Hong Kong, believe that subsequent infections may cause milder symptoms. Researchers also claim the strain that the man hand somewhat resembled other stains of the coronavirus similar to the common cold.

-— Information Complied by Matthew Rodriguez