Reported Cases in Pasadena and surrounding areas as of Jan. 3

South Pasadena: 878; Alhambra: 4,335; Altadena: 2,134; Arcadia: 1,698; Glendale: 11,724; Monrovia: 2,043; San Gabriel: 1,993

Total confirmed cases in Pasadena: 7,010

Total deaths in Pasadena: 167

Total confirmed cases in LA County: 818,639

Total deaths in LA County: 10,773

• Just like the rest of Los Angeles County, Pasadena struggles to contain the surge of COVID-19 cases. On Dec. 31, Pasadena recorded the single worst day of the entire pandemic. The city reported 10 deaths and 225 new cases set a new record in both single-day cases and deaths. Over the weekend the positive cases reported dropped slightly with 181 over the three days. Hospitalizations continue to rise with Huntington Hospital reporting 188 COVID-19 Patients with 38 in the ICU. The hospital also reported a slightly lower seven-day average of COVID-19 admissions, 23.5, compared to 23.8 on Dec. 31.

• The distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines has fallen far short of the goal set by federal officials. The federal government hoped to give the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccines to 20 million people by the end of December. As of Sunday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that while over 13 million doses had been distributed more than 4.2 million people have been given the first dose of the vaccine. Of those 13 million doses over 2.2 million had been given to long-term care facilities with almost 283,000 residents receiving the first dose. California has received the largest share of the vaccines so far with over 1.4 million doses with about 412,000 shots given—that is about 1% of the total population of the state.

• Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that a new, more contagious variant of COVID-19 has been found in Southern California. The new strain was first detected in the United Kingdom. The first reported case of the strain in California was detected in a 30-year-old man in San Diego County. Officials say that he has “no travel history.” As of last week, Los Angeles County Public Dr. Barbara Ferrer said the more contagious variant was not yet found in LA County. The first case in the United States was in Colorado. The variant is no more deadly than the original.

-— Information Complied by Matthew Rodriguez