Author: Ellen Snortland

Troubled Times for Trader Joseph’s

As I’ve found from writing this column for decades, humor is bound to offend someone who doesn’t find it funny. And now those humor-challenged folks have taken aim at our beloved Trader Joe’s, a company that is famous for not...

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It’s time for a content overhaul

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook… can you hear me growling? Even though it just had a major graphic overhaul, the content remains as-is. Am I the only one who remembers its genesis as “Facemash,” an internet-based meat market for...

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Unstuck in time while stuck in place

All over our country, statues—totems of our values—are being scrutinized like never before. Glaringly missing from these reevaluations is the issue of gender, as many of us are profoundly aware. According to a Smithsonian...

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When Mother Nature Speaks, Listen To Her!

It’s midnight. My husband and I are walking home from a performance of my off-Broadway show, “Now That She’s Gone,” in New York City. I am half a block in front of Ken because he’s slower than I am due to bad knees. I walk...

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