The Assistance League of Pasadena joined seven women-owned businesses to distribute “fun” care packages to local essential workers.    

“Happiness is essential too,” says Caitlin Minges, Altadena resident and owner of Fun Club. Minges makes whimsical gifts and reached out to six other female-fronted businesses—Finding Home Farms, Gumball Poodle, Jaeci, JackRabbit Creations, Lucky Feather and Twisted Wares—to contribute new items for the gift bags.

Items have included everything from key chains to tote bags, socks, banners and coasters, among other items. The women included thank-you notes for “working through this crazy time.”

The items are meant to make recipients smile, laugh and feel loved. The donors ask if something does not work specifically for the recipient that he/she spread the cheer to another.

Members of the nearly 80-year-old Pasadena Assistance League have delivered the cheerful gift bags to local grocery stores and pharmacies, as well as nurses and aids who work with the league’s Assault Survivor Kit and Bear Hugs Programs.

Minges and her peers are continuing to make more gift bags to give back to those who, although seldom celebrated, have made it possible for lives to continue.

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