By Christina Fuoco-Karasinski

Pasadena Weekly Executive Editor

Alfie and Dana Charumbira have witnessed relatives suffer due to a lack of care.

“I very vividly remember my grandmother needing hospice care,” Dana said. “If hospice couldn’t be there, my mom took on a lot of that burden. My grandmother needed care 24 hours a day.

“It’s hard to see someone go from this functioning grandmother who I spent time with to someone needing help with basic functions. Especially for a young child, it sticks in your mind.”

To help improve care, the Charumbiras became franchisees of A Better Solution in Home Care in Pasadena, which opened in March.

“We help individuals in their homes who need support with day-to-day activities,” Dana said. “We also have certified nursing assistants who can help with advanced needs.”

Alfie said A Better Solution in Home Care’s staff is friendly and pays the utmost attention to patients. Caregivers and certified nursing assistants combine care and companionship and provide care management and transportation.

A Better Solution in Home Care creates an employee and company culture that’s positive and the staff is “looked after like family,” Dana said.

“We do what makes sense for them in a shift perspective — when they can work, what’s close to their home,” she said. “We promote meaningful care. We are pretty quickly able to match patients with a caregiver or CNA. They’re not just going into someone’s home. We support clients as family, too.”

The couple’s service goes beyond the elderly to help young people who are ill or developmentally disabled.

“That service is something we don’t come across very often,” Dana said.

Alfie added, “A lot of home care companies do not want to deal with young kids. We think that having a home care service for them will meet their needs.”

The Charumbiras are hoping to meet the needs of the Pasadena community, too. During the next six months to a year, they want to reach out to seniors who think home care is unattainable due to cost.

“We really want to work with the families who need the support,” she said. “We’re not one of those companies that says, ‘If you can afford it, great. If not, good luck.’ We want to accommodate anyone who needs that care.”

A Better Solution in Home Care

117 E. Colorado Boulevard, Pasadena