Much like last year, Pasadena police say they are expecting few arrests during the 122nd Rose Parade and the 97th Rose Bowl Game on New Year’s Day.
Joined by officers from the California Highway Patrol and LA County Sheriff’s deputies, police will be diverting traffic and walking street patrols to keep a loose lid on things as hundreds of thousands of people converge on Colorado Boulevard on New Year’s Eve for a ringside seat to the parade.
“There will be well over 100 law enforcement personnel at the events, some of which will be visible. Some of them will be invisible, and that includes Pasadena, LA County and the California Highway Patrol,” said Pasadena police spokesperson Janet Pope Givens, adding that police are not releasing the exact number of law enforcement officials that will be working the parade and the game.
Barring any unforeseen catastrophes or outbreaks of violence between fans of the University of Wisconsin and Texas Christian University, participants in this year’s Rose Bowl Game, police expect much the same situation as last year, and the year before that, with most arrests made for minor offenses like public intoxication and disorderly conduct. 
Last year, there were 41 arrests on the parade route and 13 arrests during the game. “In the past several years, the arrests have been low,” Pope Givens said. “I think part of it is a saturation of information. Several years ago we started distributing fliers along the route giving people the rules in writing, and more available technology. Everybody has a cell phone. People can call the Police Department as things are happening. In the past, by the time someone found a pay phone and by the time we got there, a fight between two people could be a fight between 20 people.”
Last week’s torrential rains finally gave way to clear skies and chilly temperatures heading into the New Year’s weekend, offering Rose Parade fans the hope of dry if not bone-chilling places to camp out and sleep Friday night and Saturday morning.