As of Tuesday, day 1,449 of the Iraq War…

  • 3,176 American soldiers have been reported killed.
  • 23,924 soldiers have been reported wounded in action.
  • 57,805 is the minimum number of civilians killed in Iraq.
  • $405.9 billion in taxpayer funds have been spent on the war.
  • $196.9 million is Pasadena taxpayers’ share.

Since the last Count…

  • 21 more American soldiers have been reported killed.
  • 247 more American soldiers have been reported wounded.
  • 573 more Iraqi civilians have been reported killed.
  • 4.5 million Iraqi children are malnourished, according to the United Nations Children’s Agency, IRIN ( reported on Monday.
  • 77 people making a pilgrimage to Karbala were killed and 125 were wounded by dual suicide bombings on Tuesday, according to the Washington Post.
  • 26 people were killed and more than 24 were injured by a car bombing in a historic Baghdad book market on Monday, reported Agence France-Presse.
  • 12 people were killed in a suicide attack at a checkpoint on Saturday, reported AFP.
  • 14 of 18 recently kidnapped Iraqi policemen were found dead in the Diyala province on Friday, according to BBC News.  
  • 195 university professors have died violently and 60 have been abducted over the last year in Iraq, according to a report by AFP last week.

Meanwhile, in and around Afghanistan…

  • 367 American soldiers have been reported killed.
  • 1,128 soldiers have been reported wounded in action.
  • 16 Afghans were killed by US forces who were responding to a suicide bomb attack on an American convoy on Sunday, according to Al Jazeera.  
  • 9 civilians, including 5 women and 3 boys, were killed when a NATO air attack struck a house on Monday, the Associated Press reported.
  • 1,000 troops are needed by NATO to accomplish its goals in Afghanistan, the commanding NATO officer said on Friday, AP also reported.

And back home…

  • 200 people lined up on a main street in Louisville, Ky., to protest President Bush during his visit on Friday, according to The Courier-Journal. 20 supporters lined up on the opposite side of the street.
  • 56 percent of Americans say that they want a deadline set for troop withdrawal from Iraq, according to a Reuters report last week.