Sometimes they are ridiculous, sometimes self-contradictory. Sometimes they are dishonest, sometimes dangerously provocative. Rants of a cranky, angry man, the tweets of the POTUS are not government policy. Policy goes through official government channels. POTUS tweets are denied or dismissed by the White House spokesperson whenever they are challenged or criticized.

The media does disservice to the country when it gives POTUS tweets attention and reports them as news. They are word noise, nothing more.




Is it the Bilderberg group that decides and controls our future, an invitation-only, closed-to-the-public network of people of international influence working toward international very big business and control of the global population?

Perhaps it is the ancient and secret network of the Illuminati who plan world domination. This conspiratorial organization is alleged to mastermind events leading to their eventual control of the world and the establishment of a New World Order.

International capitalist networks are transnational multibillionaires, imperialists who collude with others like themselves to optimize their extreme wealth and ego. Having the US military on their side and on their payroll, they freely corrupt humanity and subvert every democratic process toward their own point of view and profit. They have no interest in humanity; for them the world and everything in it is a business.

International capitalist networks plot, plunder and monopolize the resources, habitat and goodwill of our populations without any political mandate, care or understanding for the lives they take or conquer. They impede our freedom, creative vision, mental clarity and our natural goodwill toward others in favor of corporate profit at any moral or human cost.

These networks are hives of evil, sold to us as beyond reproach, capitalist gods incarnate, who know the truth and are the truth, even though their lives are deeply corrupt, psychopathic and criminal. They collude in secret to corner markets, wipe out competition, elude regulations and control governments. They have enough money, power and influence to get what they want, even if it’s the very worst action for humanity. Everyone folds for money and money kills faster than guns.

These hives of evil continue to create the problems of climate change, pollution, wage inequality, the depletion of natural resources, unemployment, food and water shortages, and they alone possess the resources we need to remedy these social ills that might enable humanity to survive.

Hives of evil control our religions, our governments, our banks, our military and our future. They create wars with taxpayer money and decimate weaker countries to expand their free market. They are rats in the darkness, eating everything we love. They give us only one guarantee. Their companies and their affiliates will cause massive pollution, rising food prices, continuous drought, endless economic pain and a dead planet.

We must obey. They fill the prisons with innocents for profit. They entreat our police to kill us. They laugh through their fangs as they murder, kidnap, bribe, assassinate, connive, rape and torture. Their defense is a lie made truth by lawyers who make our truth a crime against them; ultimately, they will control the world. To that end, they fund so-called educational networks of foundations, institutes, research centers, journals, think tanks, scholars, writers and public relations experts to prove “Evil is Good” by developing facts and figures to promote and sell their insane agenda.

Hives of evil are where executives exercise messiah complexes, their power plays hidden from view, contriving their psychopathic schemes. They are being led, confused and unaware like sheep, toward the darkness of extinction. One day it feels like it’s real bad, but then it’s worse than ever the next day.

Hives of evil are predatory and merciless, practicing “economic terrorism” without compassion, empathy, shame, guilt or remorse. They put silence in our mouths and keep us on our knees, designing ways to rid the world of the “contemptuous vermin that are the poor and hungry masses.” Must we sit quietly by while these hives of evil turn our world into their economic killing fields? Their ever-expanding iconography of wealth must be destroyed if we are to survive, before the economic systems of the hives of evil lead humanity to its inevitable collapse.




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