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Surfin' the SGV

The Volcanics rock the Barkley Friday night

Categories: Music Features Author: Bliss Date: 04/24/2014
Taking control

Becoming involved in the political process is the best way to meet the needs of seniors

Categories: Headlines , Opinion Author: Marvin Schachter Date: 04/24/2014
The stupidest 'ism'

To partake in ageism is to lay the foundation for your own irrelevancy 

Categories: Consider This , Opinion Author: Ellen Snortland Date: 04/24/2014
Too close for comfort

Don’t hesitate to let loved ones know a little distance is often healthy 

Categories: Well Being Author: Patti Carmalt-Vener Date: 04/24/2014
Questions of reasonableness

New details emerge in latest legal tussle over McDade officer-involved shooting death

Categories: Web Exclusives Author: André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date: 04/24/2014
Bulletin Board

News and notes from our community

Categories: Bulletin Board Date: 04/23/2014


Categories: Letters , Opinion Date: 04/23/2014
A man for our times

Marvin Schachter celebrates 90 years and reflects on his ‘accidental’ life as a liberal icon 

Categories: Feature Stories , Headlines Author: Justin Chapman Date: 04/23/2014
Stellar stylings

Caltech stages annual jazz fest then teams with Occidental for classical concerts 

Categories: Prime Picks Author: Carl Kozlowski Date: 04/23/2014
Senior dining deal

Souplantation offers one delicious perk of getting older

Categories: Dining Review , Headlines Author: Erica Wayne Date: 04/23/2014
Aging into homelessness

Living longer poses problems for people unable to keep up with rising housing costs  

Categories: Headlines , News Author: Rebecca Kuzins Date: 04/23/2014
Hustle and heart

NPR’s Davy Rothbart brought his street game to small town America while making the new documentary ‘Medora,’ showing tonight at Crawford Family Forum

Categories: Arts Features , Headlines Author: Carl Kozlowski Date: 04/23/2014
Queen for a lifetime

Retirement community honors second-oldest Rose Queen  

Categories: News Author: André Coleman Date: 04/23/2014
Remembering 'The Great Crime'

Ceremonies at City Hall and Memorial Park commemorate the Armenian Genocide

Categories: News Author: André Coleman Date: 04/23/2014
With age comes wisdom

Study shows seniors are likely to restrict their own driving

Categories: Wheels Author: Jennifer Hadley Date: 04/23/2014