Kevin Uhrich

Stories by Kevin Uhrich

Lessons to be learned

The headline of a noncontroversial column sparks a surprising racist response

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/24/2013
Motion denied

Deported former gang counselor’s bond request is turned down as his son prepares to ship out to Egypt with the Marines

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/02/2013
A taste of freedom

Former Pasadena gang counselor fights for bond while appealing recent deportation order

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 06/26/2013
National treasure

The Colorado Street Bridge becomes more remarkable with each passing year

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 06/20/2013
Life either way

Pasadena man who escaped life in prison is deported to Mexico

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 06/12/2013
Freedom begins at home

Civilian oversight of local law enforcement is needed now more than ever

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 06/12/2013
'The only way'

Former El Centro head surprised but undaunted by mayor’s critical comments

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 05/30/2013
A 'foolish path'

Scientist questions Caltech decision to appeal labor ruling in favor of JPL workers

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 05/16/2013
One final plea

Immigration judge sets June to announce fate of ex-counselor facing deportation

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 05/16/2013
Hallowed Ground

Art Center’s Catherine Menard unveils her design for Pasadena’s Armenian Genocide Memorial

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 04/25/2013
The Great Firewall of China

China’s environmental crisis comes into focus at this year’s Doo Dah

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 04/25/2013
What's in it for us?
Author Kevin Uhrich Date 03/28/2013
Luck be a lady

Lawyer shows up from out of nowhere to help Pasadena man at critical immigration hearing

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 03/14/2013
Past, Present, Future

South Pasadena celebrates 125 years with an eye toward tomorrow and a hold on its heritage

Author Justin Chapman , Kevin Uhrich Date 02/28/2013
Be heard Tuesday

Vote for Trone, Kenne, Hampton, Murga and Phelps

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 02/28/2013