Kevin Uhrich

Stories by Kevin Uhrich

Playing Games

Judge vacates own injunction on McDade officer-involved shooting report

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 09/11/2014
Hell Night

A legacy thinks twice about joining a frat

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 08/14/2014
Democracy Under Siege

Report finds journalists and lawyers believe surveillance programs prevent them from doing their jobs

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 08/07/2014
Bruce Wayne Philpott 1944-2014

Outspoken former Pasadena police chief succumbs to cancer

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 07/31/2014
A New Old Story

The media’s callous ambivalence toward the tragic situation we helped create in Central America isn’t much different than it was 30 years ago

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/31/2014
A Brother's Love

Remembering Jack Uhrich, a man who taught others how to change the world for the better

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/24/2014
A New Era

A look at where the Pasadena Weekly has been over the past three decades and what the future holds

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/17/2014
'Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe'

Joey Luft pays tribute to his mom Judy Garland at the Pasadena Playhouse

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/10/2014
Justice Past Due

Postal inspectors provide few details of probe into local company mailing solicitations made to look like bills

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 07/03/2014
The 700 Club

Top city officials take little stock in state-required statements of economic interest 

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 06/05/2014
Home insecurity

Council members disclose some but not all personal finances

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 06/05/2014
A fresh start

Jim McDonnell can best repair our broken Sheriff’s Department

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 05/28/2014
Urgent care required

Officials and others express shock over Public Health Officer’s Christian Right rants 

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 05/06/2014
Business as usual

Donald Sterling’s recent racist behavior is no aberration

Author Kevin Uhrich Date 04/30/2014
Questions of reasonableness

New details emerge in latest legal tussle over McDade officer-involved shooting death

Author André Coleman , Kevin Uhrich Date 04/24/2014