Bettijane Levine

Stories by Bettijane Levine

Grass, begone!

A La Cañada Flintridge couple traded in their water-guzzling lawn for an award-winning French Provincial garden that’s sustainable.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 03/01/2011
Unholy matrimony

Why does a high divorce rate continue to plague the American marriage despite the big-ticket advice-and-therapy industry and years of handwringing? And how can couples keep their vows on track?

Author Bettijane Levine Date 02/01/2011
Eat, Pray, Annoy

Hollywood hyphenate Mike White illuminates his latest offbeat venture, Enlightened, HBO’s hilarious new series about spiritual healing.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 12/02/2010
Cool Kitchens

Amid surroundings this stylish, homeowners can really cook with gas.

Author Bettijane Levine Date 11/01/2010